Cyclical Meditation

Cyclicity is one of the key facets of nature. We find the cyclical presence in nature internally and externally. Activity & rest, a higher activity region compensated by a low activity region in the cosmos or Nature occur alternatively. Human tendency is to be in stimulation most of the time and we rarely know the method of relaxation.

Cyclic Mediation (CM) is an art which provides us the adequate knowledge of a relaxation technique in spite of various kinds of stimuli that we tend to in our day-to-day life. It is built on the principle of alternate stimulation and relaxation and incorporates the concept of cyclicity in tune with nature. CM uses the alternate practice of various relaxation techniques (Instant, Quick and Direct relaxation), standing and sitting postures as well as breathing exercises to simulate the pattern of alternate stimulation and relaxation similar in nature.

The CM program at Moksha Wellness Yoga uses the principles of SMET (Self-Management of Executive Tension) and is especially beneficial to help relieve tension among professionals and executives with hypertension. Research has shown that regular CM practice:
1) reduces occupational stress levels and autonomic arousal
2) improves attention and
3) improves the quality of sleep.

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