Wellness Coaching

Adhi is the seed of all diseases, which comes from the restless mind, stress, excessive speed and lack of control resulting from poor lifestyle choices made during our everyday fast paced lives. Many of our diseases and disorders can develop over time as a result.

Wellness Coaching at Moksha Wellness Yoga strives to prevent disease and promote positive health in an individual by improving keys areas of our lifestyle. The key areas of improvement are:

1. Exercise/Activity level

2. Diet / Detoxification
Detoxification package can be ordered at http://zamacenter.com/events/reboot-your-health/The price of the cleanse is $397, with a $50 discount if ordered through Moksha Wellness Yoga. 

3. Stress and Sleep Management

Yoga alone can enable one to relax fully, improve digestion and stimulate circulation. However, yoga combined with diet, breathing and cleansing practices that relax the mind and reduce inflammation in the body is what creates an ideal balance between mind and body.

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