Yoga for Back pain

Backache is remarkable common. At any one time, 30-40% of the population suffers from backache problems and between 80-90% experience it at some point in time in their lives. Common causes of back pain are 1) Back injuries including slipped discs, prolapse in the neck and whiplash injury 2) Nerve problems including sciatica 3) Spondylosis (lumbar & cervical) and 4)Non-specific back pain such lumbago.

Back pain is becoming more and more common in modern man because muscles are weaker than our ancestors, wrong muscles are overworked, repeated injuries due to unused exercise and psychological stress. Hence, there are three important factors we need to correct in the back to overcome the related problems and they are 1) Relax the spinal muscles 2) Strengthen the spinal muscles and 3) Mobilize the stiff back.

How can yoga at Moksha Wellness Yoga help fight back pain?

With the practice of several relaxation techniques, select yoga exercise and Asanas (poses) along with Pranayama involving cleansing the breath and breathing exercises, we can use yoga to relax and strengthen the spinal muscles and create movement in the back to overcome back pain.


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